Picture of Sarah Cassani in her Dover, NH studio.

Sarah Cassani is an artist and designer from southern Maine.  Sarah was classically trained in painting and illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, receiving her BFA in 2002. Working exclusively as a graphic designer for much of her career, in 2018 Sarah returned to painting, her first true love.

The call to paint again came at a difficult time in her life, when Sarah was struggling with grief following her mother’s passing. She began painting bouquets—in memory of her mom. This was followed by painting a series of single cut flowers, suspended in time and symbolic of the beauty and brevity of life. After nearly a decade away from her easel, Sarah was finding solace in the act of oil painting again. Her early paintings of flowers were in essence conversations with her mother whom she greatly missed.

In 2020, Sarah explored a new theme: painting family heirlooms. In this series of works, Sarah tapped into her memories and the comfort of family, painting worn and well-loved objects and antiques.

What interests Sarah is painting objects as a way of connecting with, honoring, and remembering our unique heritage and experiences. Juxtaposing items pulled from our natural world with personal storied objects leaves room for her viewers to construct their own individual interpretations of her works.