Sarah Cassani (b. 1980)

Sarah Cassani grew up in southern Maine. Painting from a very young age, she recalls setting up an art gallery in her childhood home and selling paintings to her parents for pocket change. Sarah went on to study Painting and Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from RISD in 2002. She has since enjoyed a graphic arts career in the Boston area, before moving back to the seacoast with her husband in 2011 and starting a family.  

In 2020, Sarah completed a four-month residency at The Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire. She used this opportunity to further develop her botanical paintings, as well as explore a new theme: painting family heirlooms.  

Sarah paints with oils and strives for realism in her work. She is inspired by Renaissance and Baroque painting styles and techniques, and her work is marked by vivid colors, often set upon dark backgrounds, and a natural play of pattern, light, and texture.

Careful study of her subjects, and the thoughtful, meditative-like experience of painting is what Sarah enjoys the most. At the end, she has gotten to know her subjects so well, that each painting feels very personal to her, like a connection to an old friend.

Sarah continues to work out of a beautiful painting studio within The Art Center and she welcomes visitors who are curious about her work and painting process. Sarah is always on the hunt for interesting heirloom subjects to paint, and she also welcomes commissions for still life and botanical paintings. 

Sarah looks forward to sharing her techniques with students in 2021, beginning with an Introduction to Oil Painting course at The Art Center in March. Alongside of her career in the fine arts, Sarah continues to work as a graphic designer and is the owner of Affetto Press, an online boutique selling letterpress stationery and other custom printed correspondence.