Heirloom Series 2020-2021

There is a certain magic inherent in heirlooms. They offer us a profound connection to our families’ unique story. These objects are precious because they hold memories and stories from the past about the lives of loved ones. Heirlooms can speak to the roots, personality, and values of an individual. Sarah imagines members of her family that used these items: a silver pitcher from her great grandmother Tillie, a carpet well-worn by previous generations of family, a beautiful blue willow pitcher that was passed down to her mother. Perhaps Sarah’s favorite piece is a tangled collection of her mother’s scarves, a painting that conjures memories of her Mom—a comforting subject for Sarah to paint. Here, the artist hopes to evoke warm feelings of nostalgia and a reverence for the past, by painting beautiful well-loved objects with stories of their own.

Selected Botanical works completed 2019-2021

Sarah’s botanical paintings are meant to capture the fleeting life of a bloom. She works completely from life and does not rely on photography for her work. For Sarah, it’s an exciting challenge to “keep up with the bloom” and her subjects often unfold before her eyes as she paints them.