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Project: Carrom Communications Logo | Client: Carrom Communications

Developed a logo for a new marketing business. Logo is used in the Client's marketing materials and website.


Project: Lexia Reading Logo | Client: Lexia Learning

Developed a logo for a reading software product. We used the Client's corporate logo as a basis for this design. This Lexia Reading logo is used throughout the software interface, marketing materials, and website.

Carrom Communications logo


Project: Harvard Collegium Musicum Foundation Logo | Client: Harvard Collegium Musicum Foundation

Developed a revised logo for the alumni organization of Harvard University's premier mixed choir. Logo is used in the client's stationery and website.



Project: Kennedy Brothers Letterhead | Client: Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy

Developed a new letterhead design, to represent all five physical therapy clinic locations.



Project: TranBen Partners Logo & Business Card | Client: TranBen Partners

Developed a logo and business cards for the Client's growing business in the public transportation market. Client specified a black and white design. This logo is an integral part of their branding. It's used throughout marketing materials, stationery, and the client's website.

Carrom Communications logo

Carrom Communications logo


Project: Treating Spaces Logo & Business Card | Client: Treating Spaces

Developed a logo and business cards for a new window treatment and home decor business. Client specified using two colors—greys and purple.

Carrom Communications logo


Project: Lexia Stationery Package| Client: Lexia Learning

Developed new letterhead, envelopes, and double-sided business cards for Lexia Learning.

Graphic/Badge | Client: Lexia Learning

Developed a new graphic, to identify Sales Representative who are certified in the newest software version 7.0.


Project: International Fuel Cell Bus Website Logo | Client: Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium and the FTA

Developed a logo to represent the International Fuel Cell Bus Website. Logo appears on the Client's website, as a link to the International Fuel Cell Bus Website.


Project: RealeReading Logo | Client: Charesbridge Publishing

Developed a logo for their children's reading software product. Logo was used in the product packaging for RealeReading software.

Carrom Communications logo