Sarah welcomes commissions, and will create an original oil painting of a cherished object or a flower of special significance.

Email for more info or to arrange a studio visit and consultation.

Pricing for Commissioned Artwork

8” x 10” – $360

9” x 12” – $420

11” x 14” – $500

12” x 12” – $480

12” x 16” – $560

16” x 20” – $720

18” x 24” – $840

Commission pricing is based on a rate of $20 per linear inch.


First, you have a consultation with Sarah to discuss your vision for a painting. A down payment of 50% is required at this point to begin work. 

Based on your consultation, Sarah will create 2-3 sketches for you to choose from as a direction for the painting.

You select from the sketches and Sarah begins your painting. Progress shots may be featured on my Instagram and Facebook accounts unless the commission is a gift (and if so, please specify this up front to prevent any spoilers!).

Commissions may take one to three months to complete and fully cure (dry), depending on size and complexity. Once your painting is touch dry, Sarah applies a temporary varnish to protect it from dirt and UV light, and you will be notified. The final 50% is due at this time. Once final payment is received, your painting will be ready for pick up, shipping, or delivery.

Payment Schedule

After initial consultation(s) and the commission agreement is signed, a 50% deposit is due to begin creative work on your painting; The final 50% is due when your painting is complete and ready for pick up/delivery/shipping. 

Frame, framing and shipping costs (and any necessary travel expenses), as required, will be quoted separately. 

Commissions are non-refundable, as they are created specifically for the client.

Regarding Copyright

As a global, international legal standard, copyright and all related rights, including reproduction rights, for any creative work remain with the artist, Sarah Cassani.